IP8105 is a high performance,low power and low cost audio CODEC IC. It consists of 1-ch ADC,2-ch DAC,Microphone amplifier, headphone amplifier, digital sound effects, and analog mixing and gain functions.The IP8105 is supplied in a very small and thin 4*4mm QFN28 package.


• 24-bit, 8 kHz to 48kHz sampling frequency
• 92dB dynamic range, 92dB signal to noise ratio, -83dB THD+N
• Stereo or mono microphone interface with microphone amplifier
• Auto level control and noise gate
• Various analog input mixing and gains



• 24-bit, 8 kHz to 48kHz sampling frequency
• 98dB dynamic range, 98dB signal to noise ratio, -86dB THD+N
• 60 mW headphone amplifier, pop noise free
• Headphone capless mode
• Stereo enhancement
• Bass and Treble
• Various analog output mixing and gains


Low Power

• 2.5V to 3.3V operation
• single3.3V operationsupport
• 7 mW playback; 16 mW playback and record


• I2C or SPI uC interface
• Master or slave serial port
• I2S, Left Justified, DSP/PCM Mode