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Company Profile

Injoinic Technology Corp. was officially listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange on April 19, 2022. Stock code: 688209. The company was founded on November 20, 2014. It is a design company focusing on high performance and high quality digital-analog hybrid chips. The main business is R&D and sales of power management chips and fast charge protocol chips. Besides, INJOINIC continues to launch cost-effective intelligent digital-analog hybrid chips, and their power management chips and fast charging protocol chips that are widely used in mobile power supplies, fast charging source adapters, wireless chargers, car chargers, TWS headset charging bin and other products. The final brand customers of the company include xiaomi, OPPO and other well-known manufacturers.


With the characteristics of high integration, high customizability, high cost performance and low substitutability, INJOINIC chip products can shorten the R&D cycle of finished product solutions, simplify the production process, improve product yield and reliability, so as to help customers optimize costs and meet diverse needs.


In the future, INJOINIC will be based on the set core advantages in the field of consumer electronics market position, with industry cutting-edge technology and customer demand as the guidance, exert its protocol chip is filled in the power management chip and fast in the field of research and development and design advantages, continue to launch with the market competitiveness of chips and form a complete set of solutions, further enhance the brand awareness of the product, Continue to expand the scope of application and downstream customer coverage, is committed to becoming the world's first-class digital and analog hybrid chip design company.


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