/ Injoinic and OPPO worked closely to release the first VOOC flash chip: IP2191

Injoinic and OPPO worked closely to release the first VOOC flash chip: IP2191

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  First, we need to understand the concept of vooc flash charging technology .Baidu Wikipedia shows that vooc flash charging is a fast charging technology independently developed by oppo. It has applied for 18 patents, which has increased the fastest charging speed by more than four times, and has impeccable smart full-end five-level protection. It can be said that it is not only fast, but also the safest mobile phone charging technology.

  Injoinic Technology Co.,Ltd. is an IC design company focusing on r&d and sales of high performance and high quality digital-analog hybrid integrated circuit chips.It is the combination of OPPO's leading fast charging technology and  Injoinic Technology , as the industry's leading enterprise, that accurately grasps customer needs. Successfully expanding the VOOC fast charging ecosphere, constantly improving the impact of VOOC flash charging technology on the industry, so that more consumers can enjoy the VOOC flash charging technology brought about by the extreme charging and safe charging technology.

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            IP2191 can be used with car charger, adapter, mobile power supply and other types of products.

                                               Sample, Demo applies for  sales@injoinic.com

At the same time,Injoinic will undertake the bridge for customers to apply for authorization of VOOC agreement for OPPO. Partners interested in Co-constructing and co-constructing high-quality VOOC flash charging technology ecosphere can contact us. Pengfeng@injoinic.com, Vice Director of Marketing,Injoinic



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